Wk15- extra credit- Art 110 feedback

Through out the semester there were quite lots of activity that we did that that I really loved and enjoyed a lot so it was hard to pick my least favorite activities. My favorite top three favorite activities where Plasters casting I really loved this activity I love going to the beach and also I had never done anything like this before so I was super excited because I love doing and discovering new things. My second was Sketching in the garden. This was my first time going to the garden and I was super excited to do this activity because I wanted to see the garden and sketch out things. My third was the art care package. I thought this activity was supper cool because I have always wanted to do this but never found the chance to do it. I was really happy to this activity because I got to send something to my friend. My least favorite activities where landscape with a corpse. I felt a little uncomfortable taking a picture of how I would be my last breath. My second was graffiti writing the activity it self was fun but I had a lot of difficult trying to spray my name the way I wanted and had difficult trying to get the size of the letters I wanted. Overall I had such amazing time in this class and learned and did many new things I had never done and made so many great friends.


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