wk12- Artist Conversation-Sage Garver

Artist:Sage Garver

Exhibition: Bio

Media: Paint. sculptures

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutch Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist

This weeks artist conversation I got to meet Sage Garver. She is currently a Cal State Long Beach student in her senior year. Sage is from Hermosa Beach and she also mentioned that after college she plans on continuing to do sculpture and maybe some digital fabrication in the near future. Sage is majoring in Fine Art and her focus will be on sculptures.

Formal Analysis

When I first walked into Sages’s gallery I felt like I was walking on the ocean floor. There were so many shapes and patters with what I felt looked like kelp and round circles. In the middle of the room their was a gold center piece that was hanging from the ceiling attached it had some chains. The gallery is painted all white all along with all of the pieces on the wall. I thought the shapes where kelp but when I talked to Sage she explained that they were cells that are only found in living organisms. They are blood cells, mitochondria’s and so much more.

Content Analysis 

The gallery is a representation of Sage’s illnesses. She said that she is trying to tell her story about herself when she was sick and about all of the illnesses she has experienced and had to go through in her life. The walls are supposed to be the surface of her body and the patterns are supposed to be the symptoms. Through her gallery Sage wants to express the lost time she had when she was sick.


I really loved going to Sage’s gallery I really loved how everything was but together in the room and I also liked how she explained what everything meant inside the gallery.I got the chance of getting to understand what Sage was trying to say in her gallery.



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