Wk 6- Artist Conversation- Shelia Garrett Rodriguez

Artist: Shelia Garrett Rodriguez

Exhibition: Were we even there

Media: Drawing and painting, embroidery

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website:  www.sheilagarrettrodriguez.com

Instagram: @sheliagarrettrodriguez

About the Artist:

This weeks artist conversation I visited the exhibition created by Shelia Garrett Rodriguez. Rodriguez is an LA based artist that is pursuing her Masters of fine Arts in fiber arts at Cal State Long Beach. She got her Bachelor of fine arts in drawing and painting. She began doing embroidering and later she decided to go  into the fibers program at CSULB. Rodriguez mentioned that she has moved over 30 times from one home to another. During the time she’s moved she’s made connections and memories which influenced her to create her art work based on homes.

Forma Analysis: 

Rodriguez’s art work consists of oil canvas and of embroidery. One of her pieces that really caught my eye was called ” no trespassing, borders and bodies” it was an oil canvas with embroidery and yarn. It’s a picture of a body figure of a person we can only see her back with arms up. All of her back is embroidered with colorful flowers and her head inside a house. Rodriguez explains that a home is a place in which you can truly be yourself.

Content Analysis:

I really loved all the pieces in her exhibition Rodriguez states that people make judgments and assumptions based on what ones homes looks like. The message Rodriguez is trying to convey is that your home does not define who the person is. A home is where a person can truly be themselves.


Rodriguez installation was beyond beautiful and incredible. I really enjoyed every piece she displayed. I really loved her “no trespassing, borders and bodies” piece it really questioned me whether or not my home defined who I am.



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