Wk 5-Artist Conversation-Jane Weibel

Artist: Jane Weibel 

Exhibition: I am a Feminist

Media: photography, installation, ceramics

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East 

Website: janeweibel.com 

Instagram: @janemargarette 


Jane Weibel is a current senior at Cal State Long Beach. She is expecting to graduate this fall semester with a BFA in ceramics. Jane is from San Diego but she decided to come to Long Beach to pursue her career. Weibel has been working with ceramics for about 5 years know. She also mentioned that when she entered CSULB she was a biology major but then she changed her major to nutrition and she said that in the last minute she decided to change her major to art.

One of my favorite pieces of Jane’s exhibition was the cage. I though it was pretty amazing and cool. The cage is made of a lot of colorful plastic sheets  that are being held together with colorful ties. The cage is also shaped like a cube. Here pictures of the women really stood out to me especially the one of a female being wrapped around by a rope. This pictures signifies that women are constantly being oppressed by society on what is right or wrong to do.

Jane expressed that the meaning of the cage was that it represented how women felt imprisoned. Women have limits on how to express themselves to society because of gender differences women fell like they are always told what is right to do and what isn’t. The cage is a form of saying that women feel that they are always trapped by society. They are stereotyped, overpowered, and ignored by society. Jane’s exhibition was mainly yo show an interpretation of how women are being suppressed and stereotyped by society’s saying.

I really enjoyed and loved Jane’s exhibitions it was so beautiful fulled with lots of color and pictures. I really loved the cage and love how she uses the cage to explain how women fell like they are imprisoned and trapped by society’s stereotype’s. I agree with Jane that society has limited choices for women that are constantly judged and shamed for.l





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