WK 4- Artist Conversation- May Ta

Artist: May Ta

Exhibition: Closer

Media: Acrylic paint, ink, digital media,clay, watercolors and pastel

Gallery: Dennis W. Deutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: mayta

About the Artist 

May Ta is a Cal State Long Beach international student she is originally from Vietnam. May Ta transferred from Fullerton College to Cal State Long Beach because of the very strong art program Cal State Long Beach has. May Ta’s intended major was engineering but changed it to art illustration because she felt she could relate more to people and inspire them. She expressed that she was constantly surrounded by scientist but had little interest in being in that field. Her parents disapproved when she changed her major but slowly they grew to accept her decisions.

Formal Analysis 

All of May Ta’s work really stood out to me they were very detailed and beautifully made. One of her paintings that really stood out to me was the one title “Estranger ” from 2016 it was made from acrylic and ink. The closer exhibition was set up for viewers to walk in a counter clock wise direction. The pieces were displayed for people to see the painting in order as it you were in your own room their was a bed and above it was the painting of paneled windows. The art was beautifully displayed.

Content Analysis

The exhibition is a collaboration of two artist that are focusing there art theme about intimacy and about a persons relationship with themselves  being lonely. The art pieces display a person being contempt on being alone. May Ta explained that if one fells lonely it’s because one doesn’t belong in the place they are at. she also expressed that if you accept yourself you wouldn’t fell lonely anymore.

Synthesis/ My experience

When i walked into the gallery at first i didn’t really understand what all the paintings were trying to express, until May Ta explained it then I understood the message she was trying to convey isolation and lonesomeness. I understand the concept May was trying to explain about lonesomeness and privacy with ourselves. image.jpeg


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