Wk 3- Artist Conversation- Alvaro Alvarez Salazar

image.jpegExhibition Information

Artist: Alvaro Alvarez Salazar

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music

Media: Camera, Music ,Paint, Canvas

Gallery: Werby- Gallery

Website ; none

Instagram: none

About the Artist

During this week my first artist conversation was Alvaro Alvarez Salazar. Alvaro is a transfer student that is currently attending Cal State Long Beach. Alvaro is looking forward to getting BFA degree in the School Of Art’s Sculpture Program. Alvaro wants to become an art teacher and inspire them how to become great artist and how to use that to become successful in real life. Alvaro is the first one in his family to go to college. He was born in Guatemala and his favorite color’s are cool colors.

Formal Analysis 

Alvaro Alvarez exhibition is called “A Response to Classical Music”, there are three parts to his art work. Right when you enter to the left is canvas that was painted all white and to the right hand side of the room is a black canvas filled with different colors all over it looking like a splatter. He also uses his own clothing and is put in the center of the canvas along with a wire in the middle. Their is a projector that’s showing a video of how Alvaro was responding to classical music. The classical music he is playing for his artwork is Beethoven Overture. When he heard it for the first time he immediately said that was the song he was going to use for his artwork.

Content Analysis 

Alvaro’s art work is about him responding to classical music. His response to classical music is not a dance but instead a form of art that uses his body movement to represent painting postures. Alvaro states that the clothes he used were clothes of his own that he uses in his everyday  life and said it brought more meaning to it.

Synthesis/My Experience

In my opinion Alvaro’s work was very interesting to see. it was something different that I had never seen before and it was really amazing to see how he responded to classical music. I like how Alvaro explains it is not a dance but a response. It was very cool to see how he was covering the canvas with different colors as he moved freely around. I really enjoyed looking at Alvaro’s response to classical work.



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