Wk 1 -classmate conversation – Jacqueline Rangel

On the first day of class I met Jacqueline but she says she prefers to be called Jackie. Jackie lives in Lakewood right by Lakewood mall she says she spends a lot of time going to the mall and shops a lot because the mall is right by her house. She is majoring in health science and it is her second year at csulb. She loves to spend time with family and friends. Jackie told me that she is excited for this class although she is not sure if she will be able to enroll because of a schedule conflict she is hoping that everything works out and she can add the class. Jackie doesn’t have a favorite artist but she says she enjoys looking at art pieces and likes to visit museums to see  different types of art pieces. Jackies definition of art is seeing art pieces that have texture, are colorful and express some type of emotion. I hope that she enrolls it was greet meeting her.

Me on the left Jackie on the right

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